Extending the reach of your graduate campaign messaging to a wider, more diverse and targeted student community at an affordable cost per student connection, is at the heart of our new LiveOnCampus event format.

Reach your audience anywhere in the world

You can use the power of this Internet-based format to add potentially thousands of new connections to students who might be studying at currently targeted universities, or at ones you’ve been unable to visit before.

You can use it to reach only a highly selected group of students anywhere in the world.

Or you can use it to slim down your programme of on-campus presentations to save money and reduce your carbon footprint through less travel. The decision is yours.

Target students

Targeting students to watch the campus broadcast and build your online audience couldn’t be simpler.

Custom show URL

We supply a show URL that can be added to your normal marketing activities and media campaign.

Posters and flyers

This might involve using traditional posters and flyers to promote the event URL, or online banners on a campus web site events page. The options are endless and mostly very low cost.

Branded pre-register page

We also make it easy for students to pre-register for the event via a client branded and formatted log-on page.

Broadcast events

The event

The event itself is run to the second, just like a genuine TV programme, which adds to the overall excitement, production values and watchability.

Questions from the live student audience form the main content and topics for discussion throughout the show. And the well-briefed host adds the final touch of professionalism to transform a traditional campus presentation into your own TV-style chat show.

The response from students was fantastic, with many commenting on the innovative nature of the event. We were delighted to see high levels of engagement with our competition, webinar event and the topic of ‘commercial awareness’

Sharon Jacobs, Graduate Marketing Advisor at Linklaters


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On demand answers and player

Finally, once the show is over, the whole event is posted to an “On Demand” iPlayer hosted environment controlled by JustOnCampus – no internal IT involvement is required. Students can then watch the programme at a time that’s convenient to them.

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