Return On Investment

Producing return on Investment (ROI) and marketing data is central to our service

Graduate recruiters are always under pressure to measure and demonstrate ROI on their promotional and branding spend. This is often easier said than done. It also raises difficult-to-answer questions of precisely what criteria should you measure your spend against?

The good news is the LiveOnCampus broadcast system delivers – as standard – a rich variety of compelling management information reports that you can access directly via a simple log-in process.

ROI Stats



The advanced software system we use linked to the web stream provides a wide range of settings, so that each event can have its own data capture parameters.

These range from simple name, university and email address data capture, right up to complex interactive tracking and feedback with live linked connections into your Twitter account and other social media platforms.

All data captured can be exported into Excel and used by most ATSs to cross-reference student applications with those viewing the LIVE event online and the “On Demand” service after the event – for up to 12 months.

The post event data analysis delivers a competitive advantage for our clients, so we’re not able to publish actual data about a particular client’s event. However, early indications are showing very positive results.

Logon & watch live - Citi case study

The main objective of the CitiLIVE! project was to help students gain a better understanding of the complex world of this global bank.

The client also wanted to show students that not all banks are the same. The cultures of companies – even banks can and do vary considerably.

This is an extremely important factor to students when applying for a graduate role, but it’s difficult to communicate and hard for students to identify.

A third objective for the client was to extend their graduate offer and message to difficult-to-reach students across the UK and EMEA, while managing costs and improving ROI.

CitiLIVE! was the first ever webinar event specifically aimed at students across the whole of the EMEA region.

It was structured around a lively, well-prepared but unscripted 35 minute TV chat show style programme that was broadcast from the bank’s Canary Wharf head office to university students across all 19 EMEA target countries… and beyond.

The impact of this innovative new style campus event has been amazing on students, careers services and internal colleagues
across the bank globally

Michelle Iking – Campus Strategy Manager


With the support of a specialist TV production crew, online broadcasters and event designers, the event was hosted by media professional Stuart Goldsmith and structured around interview questions taken from the student audience present at the live event.

Stuart interviewed four carefully selected bank employees and encouraged them to share their own open and honest views about life at the bank.

Online students viewed the live broadcast from any one of the three different levels of bandwidth offered, all streamed via a three-camera HD quality vision mixed output.

This allowed viewing from smartphones, laptops or even university lecture theatres. The live show was then followed immediately by a 30-minute radio-style audio session in which six bank employees and recruiters answered a wide range of recruitment type questions taken from the large online student audience.

Student engagement stats


Students in the audience


watched live online


of students stayed online throughout the entire broadcast


Rating of 4 star good and
5 star excellent

19 Emea Countries

50+ Universities
Watched event online


On-demand views
…and counting


Citi LIVE took place on 30th October 2012 with over 100 students in the live audience. An additional 1000+ students watched live online, making this – to the best of our knowledge – the largest single graduate recruitment online event ever staged in the UK by a single employer.

As well as the EMEA countries taking part live, a significant number of students came online from the USA and Asia.

The “On Demand” archive file was loaded onto the bank’s web site within 24 hours of the event, where it will remain for students to watch.

To date (10th June 2013) the “On Demand” viewing numbers are over 11,000 and climbing everyday.

Student feedback online was overwhelmingly positive, with a 94% rating of “5 star Excellent and 4 star Good”, and 92% stayed online for the entire 35 minute broadcast. Over 170 questions were submitted online and answered by a six-strong panel of recruiters and business representatives over a 30 minute period.

The event showed that students are only too happy to learn about major graduate programmes via today’s new media delivery formats. CitiLIVE! leveraged these technologies to deliver a fresh approach for a global audience that was informative, engaging, credible, affordable, environmentally friendly, fun and with ongoing use for months to come.

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